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Is The Critical Bench Program a SCAM?

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The Critical Bench Program Review

Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench Program 2.0 has been much touted in many reviews, but does it live up to the expectations or is it all just hype? Let’s get an honest, unbiased review from someone who has actually used it.

Firstly, before forking out your hard earned money to invest in any weight training product (or any other product for that matter), it’s always a good idea to know a little more about the creator. So let’s learn more about Mike before we delve into his popular creation, the Critical Bench Program 2.0.

Apparently, Mike Westerdal had tries several methods and training schedules to build muscle without much success. Eventually, he was able to again 75 pounds with a set of techniques that changed everything. Of course, this was through trial and error, and learning from what worked best. And so, Mike Westerdal, who lives in Clearwater, Florida, decided to share the best techniques from his own experience with millions of bodybuilding enthusiasts out there though his e-Book guide. By the way, Mike is now a fully certified trainer, boasting of several competitions in the APF, APA, and the AAPF federations.

The Real Reason Why Mike Westerdal Created The Critical Bench Program 2.0
As most bodybuilders would concur, bodybuilding requires disciplined training and feeding to become successful. It also requires the zeal to go through with a training regimen on a consistent basis. There are hundreds of weight lifting manuals out there that promise magical changes within the shortest time possible. And whether the claims are true or not is highly subjective for the most part. But generally, those claims turn out to be false at best.

Is Mike Westerdal a scammer?

And so, like Mike, many prospect bodybuilders try one technique after another with little or no success, and because most of them luck the zeal to push on, they simply give up on their bodybuilding dreams. It is for this reason that Mike decided to note down his own techniques that seemed to work best and compile them into a guide to save prospect weight lifters money and time trying to search for a magical technique.

What Does The Critical Bench Program 2.0 Entail?
The Critical Bench Program 2.0 is basically a weight lifting guide targeting beginners and intermediates. The program helps to build muscle mass by boosting your bench press capability by 50 pounds in just six weeks. According to Mike’s observations, a lot of weight wrongly assume that the more you train, the bigger gains you make, and so end up over training. But with his techniques, you can achieve the same amount of muscle gains with just an hour of training per day. There are various other techniques elaborated in the program that are proven to work for anyone, for instance how to increase your bench press weight by a simple tweak in form, among others. The Critical Bench Program 2.0 guide is split into three basic but crucial parts: there’s an instructional manual, online DVDs, and 80 training logs.

The training manual is further split into six parts that are very easy to follow. In the first section, you get the low down on weightlifting terminology, along with information about different weightlifting supplements and vitamins. In the second section, you’ll learn various warm up routines essential for an effective workout. The third section is a collection of various workout routines that suit different time schedules. The next two sections are extremely critical as they contain nutritional guides for the different medium to high intensity workout routines. You will learn how and what to eat for power and 100 percent performance. It is not exactly a weight loss program, so don’t use it for your weight loss program. This is about strength and power, and you need to get your proteins right to be successful And finally, the sixth section contains logs for tracking your daily workouts and other training details so that you can properly manage your regimen.

But the real ‘wow’ factor about TheCritical Bench Program 2.0 is that it is fully customizable. As earlier stated, there are a lot of programs out there that, for various reasons, don’t live up to their hype, but the main reason is that they use generic techniques that cannot work for everyone.

Every person has a unique genetic makeup. Everyone’s body responds differently to exercise and food. And so, a weight lifting program that is bound to work must take these aspects into account. This is a key point for any weightlifting program that is worth its salt.

It’s crucial to follow the program and the routines in the exact order they are given. Here is the reason. If, for instance, you worked out your triceps earlier than your chest day, then they would be fatigued on the chest day. But this being a bench program, you need all your muscle groups well rested and working at maximum so that they can properly support the chest. Triceps play a very important role in the bench exercise, so if you exhaust them, your routines will not be as effective, and so you may take longer to achieve the desired results. This is just another example why the routines are listed for you in a particular order, rather than merely giving you generic workouts.

One thing with bench routines is that they require a great deal of mental strength. Thus, when you take up this program, it’s imperative that you get a training partner. If you don’t get a gym partner, you may not realize the full benefits of the Critical Bench Program 2.0 program. It’s easy to do negatives with these workouts, so you need a partner watching you and help you when you go wrong.

Overall, the Critical Bench Program 2.0 is a solid e-Book guide with superb bench press techniques to increase your bench press. It is down to specifics, there is no hype. The exercises are on point, and are based on sound principles. The guidance on how to avoid overtraining is particularly useful as that is where a lot of weight trainers go wrong.

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